Professionals & Users

Building Industry and Public Works

You are a demanding professional ! If you build buildings, or structures as roads, tunnels, works, you will find attachements adapted to your needs…

Excavation and Earthwork

You have to change a ground, move lots of material, create backfills, we have some solutions to propose you to equip your excavators and loaders.

Mining and Quarrying

Your are a professional of mining exploration and qyarrying, whatever the kind of material you will have to remove, we can propose you the most adapted attachement


You need to upgrade a field, a garden, outdoor areas, please see our whole range of attachements adapted to each of your needs.

Forestry workers

A whole range of attachements adapted to forestry work, you have a project ? We propose you the most adapted solution that meets your needs

Agricultural activity

Attachements adapted to earthwork and agricultural handling