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TRIGGER System® TSH-S hydraulic reversible coupler

Specially designed to standard Trigger System® TS-S attachments, it will optimize your attachment changes due to the automatic locking system on the first pin (Patented system) and thanks its hydraulic and permanent pressure.

TRIGGER System® TS-S mechanical reversible coupler

100% Productive construction sites !
With the TRIGGER System® TS-S from ACB PUME mechanical couper, your construction sites will be safe and without breaks.
Due to its automatic mechanical locking system, you will have to come out of your machine only once during attachements changes.

Pallet forks

Bring your pallets at the nearest of your construction site !
Move easily the pallets and fill fastly materials, edges ,etc…at the nearest of the operators.
Spare time and energy yo keep advance projects.

Clay Bucket

Make easily ditches !
With the clay bucket, make narrow ditches adapted to wires installation.
You can work with accuracy by digging narrow ditches (several available measures according to machines sizes)

Tilt Ditch Cleaning bucket

Make easily all your completion works with accuracy !
You wish end your banks or level with an extreme care to satisfy your customers and your Company identity...
This tilt cleaning bucket will make easier work !
it can be proposed with several versions and capacities adapted to your needs.

TRIGGER System® TS-H - AS-H Hydraulic Coupler

Optimize the using of your excavators !
With the TRIGGER System® TS-H hydraulic coupler, reversible and safety, you will meet the liability requirements for well controlled construction sites !
With its AS-H version, the coupler will let you adapt OEM - equipements.
by option, the safety hook will make easy the lifting operations.

Tilt - 180° tilting actuator

in all directions, you will upgrade your know-how !
With its reversible coupler, and tiltable until 2x90°, the tilt (tilt actuator) will let you make works with a great completion quality.
Your most demanding customers will be satisfied.

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