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The Business Trophies of Allier

The Business Trophies of Allier are organized by La Montagne (Centre France Group) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Allier. ACB PUME was awarded and named laureate in the “Women Innovate” category!

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The TOPTECH Trophy

With honor and joy, the #ACBPUME team received the #TOPTECH trophy for Human and Organizational Performance for the implementation of an ‘S.P.O’ approach 👌🏼🏆 An integrated approach based on 4 axes: Process/flow improvement Mastery of the management system Performance management Supervisor development. #Coupler #Accessories #Bucket #Performance 👌🏼

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Efficiency in action !

A #ACBPUME #TOPTECH Impact team determined and ready to take action!  Unwavering motivation!  With shared and quantified performance commitments! So proud of my teams Congratulations again !

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National Guard Convention

“We are proud to have received the thanks from Air Division General Véronique BATUT, Secretary General of the National Guard, for our support for the operational reserve policy.”  Didier CINQUIN – President (CCI de Moulins – 04/07/2021)

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Acb+ and ACB PUME are taking different paths – Cayola - 29 February 2024

The companies ACB+  and ACB PUME, both manufacturers of quick couplers and tools for construction machinery, have mutually agreed to terminate their capital relationship.

BAT ECO 17 Magazine CCI SEPT 2023 – Page 28 - 01 September 2023

Didier CINQUIN is the CEO of the company ACB PUME, which specializes in boilermaking for the agricultural, industrial, and construction sectors. The company is involved in the design and production of accessories, including the patented TRIGGER System® couplers.

TP Aménagement – Trigger : image redesign for ACB PUME - 15 February 2022

In its new product strategy, directly linked to the major industrial investments made in its Montluçon plant,

ACB PUME is now positioned as a provider of global solutions.

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FR3 Auvergne Rhône Alpes - 29 September 2021

Industry spotlight – ACB PUME 09/29/2021
Day devoted to the attractiveness of the Bourbonnais territory, job dating, report and round table round table moderated by Juliette Moyer, on the theme “Industry rebound: a regional issue”. With the testimonies of Didier Cinquin, manager of ACB Pume, Jean-Christophe Sampson, manager of TLM, Marie-Christine Laguelle, manager of SAS Laguelle and Benoit Sablery, Project manager at the Bourbonnais Attractiveness Agency.

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TP Planning – Trigger: the reversible coupler that stands the test of time - 29 July 2020

The second generation of ACB PUME Trigger System couplers keeps all of its promises. Those to be reversible, light and reliable. We were even able to verify it on a Pugnat L&V site in Haute-Savoie. Where a Trigger coupler has been in service for 2 years on a 2.7 t Kubota. The result is convincing. test-du-temps/

CAYOLA Earthworks and Quarry - 29 June 2020

“At the end of May, our delays were eliminated and our teams returned to full force”
ACB PUME is a manufacturer of buckets, quick couplers and other accessories for public works and handling machinery. Created in 2008 and located near Montluçon (03), this dynamic company, which employs 35 people, recently invested more than 300,000 euros in its production facilities to support the commercial development of its new Trigger System TS-S coupler.

BTP MAGAZINE – It works very well between ACB PUME and KOMATSU - 22 March 2018

The Trigger System® attachment system developed by ACB PUME was designed with the idea of the natural extension of the arm of an excavator, that is to say, reproducing as closely as possible its kinematic chain, therefore its performance. digging and its breakout force. In any case, it is the carefree coupler system that has chosen to recommend the public works distribution and several of the Komatsu France agencies.

La montagne Entreprendre - 18 February 2020

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: They will count in 2020
After a year 2019 marked by a considerable increase in its sales, ACB PUME boilermaking of Saint Victor (Allier), wants to transform the test in 2020.
On the program: the sale of a new range, several investments and, why not, international development.

La montagne – Military Reserve Convention - 14 February 2020

The first two Allier companies signed, this Thursday, February 13, at the Montluçon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an agreement to support the military reserve. The objective: to promote the defense missions of salaried reservists within these companies.
Métis in Domérat and ACB PUME in Saint-Victor both signed, this Thursday, February 13, in the premises of the chamber of commerce and industry in Montluçon, a support agreement for the military reserve.

La montagne – ACB PUME relies on innovation - 11 December 2018

ACB PUME celebrated its tenth anniversary this year.
The Saint-Victor boilermaking company, which manufactures accessories (buckets, quick couplers, etc.) for public works and agriculture, continues to move forward.
It has just developed a very latest version of its much lighter patented Trigger System quick coupler. innovation_13079243 /